Sunday, April 27, 2014


Here's a quick book update…

The publication date for my debut novel, BELIEVERS, is now scheduled for mid to late April 2015.

So in about a year from now, it will be officially out in the world. The copyedits have been finished, and I recently had my first meeting with the amazing Algonquin team (marketing, publicity, art direction, etc). I feel very lucky to be "debuting" with such a well-respected and caring publisher.

Over the summer, we'll be looking at page proofs and covers. Galleys (preview copies for reviewers and booksellers) will be available in October. And some blurbs have already started to come in.

So yes, progress!

Friday, April 11, 2014

New Story: "Later Then"

Hello long ignored blog! Did you miss me?

Today I have a new story up at Wigleaf (I heart Wigleaf). It's called "Later Then."

This story also happens to be an excerpt from my novel, Believers, which should be out a year from now, more or less. 

I'll post an update on the novel soon.