Sunday, September 13, 2009

Borges Twitter Update

Periodically I like to see what JLB has been up to on Twitter.

Recent tweets include:
  • "My undertaking is not difficult, essentially. I should only have to be immortal to carry it out."
  • "Weekends away clear the head. Ready to dream up new monsters."
  • "Baseball! Must re-read Robert Coover's book, The Universal Baseball Association, about a man who sets up a baseball league in his head."
  • "To repeat something I once said in an interview: At my age, what can I do but plagiarize what I've already said, no?"
  • "Very tired this morning. But I have been absent from this 140 character electronic box for too long."
  • "An eternal problem: the original is unfaithful to the translation."
  • "Drawing a self-portrait of my self-portrait."

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