Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So About That Break...

I'm supposed to be on a writing break.

But so far it hasn't been much of one. I'm finding that it's easier to say "break" than to actually do it.

For example, since deciding on a break I've done edits and revisions on stories; written two or three new flashes; scribbled notes and ideas for a couple of stories; and written a handful of blog posts.

Plus, I've submitted a few stories and I'm still checking blogs, Facebook, etc.

And when I go bed, my mind turns to writing: Am I working on the right project? Should I ditch the novel I'm working on and start another? What about the memoir thing? Or should I revise my short story collection? Should I finish that story that's about 75 percent done, because it will be a good fit for the collection? How many stories do I currently have submitted? How long ago did I submit that story to Literary Journal X? Are they really considering my story or did it fall behind the file cabinet? And why do I spend so much time on stories when everyone knows short story collections don't sell?

In other words, pretty much the same as before.

I've realized that even though writing has taken a back seat in my life, it's still a seat -- and it's still very much a part of my day-to-day life. It's difficult to just stop. Maybe I can't. And maybe that's OK.

Or maybe I need to do something more extreme. Limit computer and Internet use? Banish pens and Post-its? Maybe.


Anonymous said...

wow, bud, you and i sound very much alike (horrible news for you).

indeed, if i go on a writing break i'll have to avoid the internet completely...otherwise i'll be on facebook and see story links and read 'em and get pumped/jealous and round and round we go.

Andrew Roe said...

David: zactly.