Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lay Back the Darkness

Mark Sarvas @ The Elegant Variation recently posted this poem by Edward Hirsch. I'd never read it before. Definitely will resonate for anyone who's watched a parent go down this path...

Lay Back the Darkness
By Edward Hirsch

My father in the night shuffling from room to room
on an obscure mission through the hallway.

Help me, spirits, to penetrate his dream
and ease his restless passage.

Lay back the darkness for a salesman
who could charm everything but the shadows,

an immigrant who stands on the threshold
of a vast night

without his walker or his cane
and cannot remember what he meant to say,

though his right arm is raised, as if in prophecy,
while his left shakes uselessly in warning.

My father in the night shuffling from room to room
is no longer a father or a husband or a son,

But a boy standing on the edge of a forest
listening to the distant cry of wolves,

to wild dogs,
to primitive wingbeats shuddering in the treetops.


You can hear Hirsch read the poem here.

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