Monday, July 19, 2010

The Husband Across the Hall

That's the title of a new story that appears in the current issue of the Foundling Review.

Here's how it begins:

"There is a husband across the hall who looks at me. Two doors down, to the left, opposite side, near the emergency exit, with a wife I never see, yet I know she exists because there have been periodic sightings over the years, like the sightings of a rare, delicate, beautifully named bird."

Like all the stories I've been writing lately, this one is pretty short.

The issue also features commentary by Randall Brown.


Eric Bosse said...

Great piece, Andrew! I love the tone, and there are too many fine, subtle turns in the prose to list here. Very well done.

I've linked to the story on Facebook, and I'm about to post a link on my blog.

Thank you.

Jason Jordan said...

Nice work!

Andrew Roe said...

Eric, thanks for reading and linking. I really appreciate it.

Jason, glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...
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