Thursday, June 23, 2011

Preorder Pear Noir! #6

You can do that here.

The issue features my story "Look," as well as work from Amelia Gray, Mark Strand, William Fitzsimmons, Jamie Iredell, Salvatore Pane and more.

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Hello brilliant writer,

Pardon my leaving an unrelated comment to this post, but your email contact address seems to no longer be valid.

Only moments ago was I released from the grips of your "Accident" found in July's issue of The Sun. Your slipping of background information between story lines is masterful! I could not wait to tell you so.

Thank you for a shining example of the power of conciseness. I know more about the relationship between Karen and John in five pages than I knew about my own marriage of five years.

My applause,
Mary Wanser

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Andrew Roe said...
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Andrew Roe said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks so much for reading "Accident" and passing along all the kind feedback. I really appreciate it.

"Accident" is part of a novel I'm currently working on, so your words are very encouraging.

By the way, my email should be working -- just don't copy and paste it.

All best,