Monday, December 30, 2013

Writing Year Recap

It was a good year. It was a very good year…

  • I sold my novel, Believers, which is slated to come out in spring 2015 from Algonquin Books. (Foreign rights were also sold in Poland and Turkey.)

  • I did the final edits for Believers and worked with my wonderful editor Andra Miller (next up: copy edits).

  • I wrote a new short story, which I sold to Glimmer Train (due out in November 2015).

  • I started on a new novel (20K words and counting; fingers crossed).

  • I attended my first AWP conference.

Rarely do I stop and step back and appreciate what I've accomplished. I'm always on to the next thing, rushing ahead. But I have to say, this feels like a pretty damn good list. If I can lick this cold, I'll have some extra reasons to celebrate tomorrow night.

Happy New Year!

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