Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things I've Recently Said to My Kids

"I think you've become a Tylenol junkie."

"Do you want to wear your pimp hat?"

"Bye-bye, pee. Bye-bye, poo."

"Why don't you like Radiohead anymore?"

"It's not okay to hit. We don't hit in our house. We're pacifists here. Look at the beard. See?"

"DJ Lance is cool."

"You guys are acting all coked out like Stephen Stills."

"Please don't eat the cat food again."

"Minnie is, uh, Mickey's special lady friend."

"Bye-bye, pee-pee. Bye-bye, poo-poo."

"Elmo needs a switchblade to the head."


"What do you guys have against sleeping in?”


David said...


These made me laugh, especially since I've said some of these to Addison recently ('bye-bye pee' for example)

Andrew Roe said...

Hey David, thanks for stopping by the ol' blog.

Yeah, it's funny the things you find yourself saying to your kids.