Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have a little tiny something (called "Morning") in the new issue of Bluestem Magazine.

You can also hear me read the story. If you're so inclined.

Edited by the amazing Roxane Gay, the issue also features work by Tawnysha Greene, Len Kuntz, Gary Moshimer, Robert Swartwood and many others.


Tawnysha Greene said...

I loved it! You are such a great reader, too. It is always such an enriching experience to hear an author read from his/her own work.

Andrew Roe said...

Thanks, Tawnysha. Like just about everyone else, I hate the sound of my voice -- so that's really nice to hear.

David H said...

Nice dude. Muy nice.

Andrew Roe said...

Thanks, David. Nice pic of you and the little one.