Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Short Fiction Series Photos

Left to right: Alain Benatar, Sally Shore, me, Lynne Oropeza and Matthew Thomas Lange.

Alain Benatar reads "Are You Okay?" (published in Tin House).

Sally Shore reads "Mind Your Questions" (unpublished).

Lynne Oropeza reads "Three" (published in Wigleaf).

It was a great night. The actors were fantastic and many wonderful friends and supporters showed up.

Thanks to all who came. And a special thanks to Sally Shore for making it all happen.


Wigleaf said...

wish there was video!

Andrew Roe said...

Hey Scott,

I meant to bring the Flip video but ultimately spaced...

Lynne Oropeza said...

A real pleasure performing your delightful work!
All good wishes,

Andrew Roe said...

Hi Lynne,

Thank you! And it was a pleasure seeing you perform "Three." I loved your interpretation.