Friday, October 30, 2009

New Story "Glad We're Not Poets" at Waccamaw

Rocktober started with two stories getting published, and in nice bookend fashion, it's ending with two more stories finding their way into the world.

Earlier this week I posted news about a new story over at Twelve Stories.

And today I have another story -- called "Glad We're Not Poets" -- up at Waccamaw.

(Also included in the fiction section of the issue:
Jensen Beach [Hobart web editor], Ted Chiles, Rachel Furey, Greg Gerke and Zachary Vickers. Plus there's a generous helping of essays and poetry.)

Nothing for months and months and months and then wow -- four stories in a month. I'm trying to bask in it while also realizing that this is rare, especially for someone who writes as slowly and infrequently as I do.

So yeah, for now: basking. And how long is it socially acceptable for one to bask?


Ethel Rohan said...

Please set a new standard for the period of basking, right now it's ridiculously short! Congratulations, and enjoy.

Andrew Roe said...

I'm trying, but the basking, alas, is already starting to fade...