Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Title TK?

I guess I should have addressed this in my very first post (last year?).

Title TK means "title to come." As in "title to come at a later date, because I'm too lazy to come up with a snappy title." The same holds true today.

The abbreviation TK is used in editing and copy-editing as a placeholder for text that still needs to be supplied, usually numbers or names or facts. I first started TK-ing when I worked for CNET back when the Internets were just taking baby steps.

Why not TC instead of TK? Well, the story goes that it's intentionally misspelled to catch the eye, since this is text that later needs to be filled in, and even grammar Nazi copy editors (I used to be one) miss things sometimes.

Which reminds of the time I saw New Yorker editor David Remnick speak. During the Q&A, an older lady asked him why she's been seeing more typos in the magazine since he took over. I believe his reponse was something like "Maam, we're human. We make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, even the New Yorker."

By the way, there is a Breeder's album called Title TK. I did not know this. I swear. And I did not know that the Breeders put out another album after Last Splash. But apparently they did.

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